Q.Does Skeeterbag™ really work?
A. Work? If you are asking how hard it works, well that really
depends on you.  If you buy the cheapest fan you can find and leave it in the middle of the field, I would say “no” not so well. If you follow instructions carefully you will see a dramatic change on your property over night.

Q.   What does Skeeterbag™ use for bait?
A. Skeeterbag™ does not use bait in terms of adding bait to your property.  Your property has mosquitoes in the first place because it has natural bait on it, e.g. you, your family, your dog, horse, goat, open window, breezy underside of trailer, open well cap, screen door etc. Skeeterbag™ products simply wait in ambush for mosquitoes to do what they do, search for blood and water.  It’s like poaching or catching criminals in the act.

Q. Is a fan included with the Skeeterbag™?
A. No, a box fan can be purchased in most stores or online.

Q.  Will Skeeterbag™ fit any fan?  What fan should I get?
A.  Almost every 20″ fan on the market is made the same way but one.  With that one fan the screws that hold the grill in place are in the corners, not inset a few inches like the rest of the fans on the market.  Avoid those fans because they are a pain to fit Skeeterbag™ and they are noisy as they could be.  The best fans are usually more expensive and call themselves, “high volume or premium” and have a deep scoop to their fan blades.  Older fans usually have larger motors (pull those fans out of the shed, they will run forever).

Q.  How many acres does Skeeterbag™ cover?
A.  That depends.  Basically SB will catch mosquitoes from as far away as they are willing to fly to you and your animals. So, it is effective against any mosquito that is a problem to you or your animals.

Q.  Who invented Skeeterbag™ and why?
A.  Sidney Louis McCarty IV, to battle the mosquito problem that snowballed out of control when he and his wife started raising puppies along with their wetland tree nursery.  Mark Valentine invented the universal attachment rod system and designed the product.

Q.   How often should traps be emptied?
A.  Empty every time there is a pancake sized clump in the bag.

Q.  How do you clean Skeeterbag™?
A.  With the fan on, unhook the top attachment rod and turn the bag inside out so that the wind blows across the inside of the bag.  With one hand under the bag tap the dead mosquitoes off the fabric and into the wind.  A dry paintbrush works well for knocking the dust out of the mesh. The best time to empty the bag is mid-day after the night’s catch has dehydrated to death.

Q.  How close to the animal does Skeeterbag™ need to be?
A.  The closer the trap the faster the catch.  Mosquitoes begin accelerating toward the trap at about six feet.  At two feet mosquitoes are gone in a streak.  A dog in a kennel will catch more mosquitoes faster than a horse in a stall, but with traps running 24/7 they all get close enough eventually.  Mosquitoes have erratic flight patterns when around animals and people which guarantees that on a long enough time line the eventually all get close enough to the fan to get sucked up. Sooner or later mosquitoes will find themselves on the wrong side of the stall.

Q.  How often do the kits need to be replaced?
A.  Skeeterbags generally last all summer long in the direct sunlight and rain, but definitely need replacing for the next season.